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Interactive Entertainment in Leeds

Discover the UK’s First Hyper Reality Experiences in Leeds

Leeds is home to a new line-up of interactive entertainment, showcasing the UK’s first Hyper Reality Experience at Trinity shopping centre. Now you will have the unique opportunity to explore new worlds by combining physical surroundings with virtual reality games and headsets.

Take a look at some of the interactive attractions taking place in the city’s famous venues today…and ensure that your visit to Leeds is filled with great entertainment and adventure.

                                                                                                                                                                          ‘Woman Using a Samsung VR Headset’© Nan Palmero | CC License


Interactive Entertainment in Leeds


Tick Tock Unlock Hyper Reality Experience

UK's First Virtual Reality-Powered Experience in Leeds

Tick Tock Unlock’s new game combines virtual worlds and physical surrounding to a Vivi headset to provide the UKs first Hyper Reality experience at Trinity Leeds.

Hyper Reality Experience

Hi-Tech Treasure Hunt: Geocaching

Hunt Secret Treasures and Share Your Adventures all over the World

Challenge yourself to a GPS-assisted treasure hunt to steep-sloping woods, a challenging stroll to rock formations, and a puzzle cache in the city itself.

Geocaching in Leeds

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