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New Hyper Reality Experience: Tick Tock Unlock

Put on your VR-Goggles: An insanely realistic 4D experience is Taking Place in Trinity Leeds

Even in virtual reality, escaping robots in a spacecraft is terrifying. Mineforce: The Rebellion, a hyper-reality experience by Tick Tock Unlock, is the closest most of us will get to the real thing. Wearing VR headsets, explore multi-sensory environments on the ground floor of Trinity Leeds.

On entering the room, you have just 15-minutes to explore various worlds, crossing plasma streams and getting hit by aggressive spirits. From the start, you are treated to a 360° treat for the eyes. Opening scenes give way to sinister worlds filled with jump scares, strange terrain and dazzling skylines. Tick Tock Unlock delivers exceptional spectacle at every level, stunning players before leaving them to face the tenants – fantastical creatures of disturbing size and ferocity.

UK’s First Virtual Reality Experience

Trinity Leeds is the first UK shopping centre to offer a virtual reality-powered experience. It is widely regarded as Europe’s most digitally enabled shopping centre since its launch in 2013. Trinity has kept its reputation very much alive with the launch of Tick Tock Unlock in April 2017. Mineforce: The Rebellion has further bolstered Leeds as a city of technological advancement.

An Empty Room to Virtual Worlds

The Hyper Reality Centre is an empty room where four black walls form a 664 square foot space. But everything changes when you put on a HTC Vive VR headset, pick up your weapon (a plastic gun) and strap on a small backpack, which has a lightweight computer inside. You and your friends instantly become combatants. On entering, you wander through virtual locations mapped to real walls while hunting down villains to bust.

The first room is a New York street blocked off by gun-toting gangstas. In your hands is now a powerful blaster, just like in the films, and you can use it to zap the mobsters. As the 15-minute adventure continues, your team faces an army in a war-ridden town in a barbed-wired battleground – as some soldiers fire, hitting the trenches with a whoosh of air in your face and a vibration of the backpack. The final scene on top of a skyscraper offers downward facing views of New York under siege by assassins. Gingerly crossing a rickety fire escape, you forget you are in a padded room with a computer strapped to your face, and the fear of falling to your death is very, very real. Spread out over one floor, users can roam around as the instructors remove the walls to create access for each scene.

Founders of Tick Tock Unlock

For Ali Khan, a Trading Technology Expert and his wife, Samrien, the path to virtual reality started with the success of their first Tick Tock Unlock escape rooms. Founded in 2014, the game centres have spread across Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool and Leeds. Soon after the launch of the Vive prototype, Ali Khan went up another level with the idea of creating the first UK Hyper-Reality centre. They knew that virtual reality was going to be a game changer. They applied their knowledge from the escape rooms, and acquired Vive headsets, which requires plenty of space.

Hyper-Reality Powered by Vive Headsets

As an interactive hyper-reality attraction, Tick Tock Unlock brings your whole body into the game using HTC Vive VR headsets. It comes with two wireless infrared Lighthouse cameras, which are placed in the room, and follow the headset’s 37 sensors. The result is that you are able to move freely within the space with the headset on and it’ll track your every move. This makes it feel like you’re exploring the various locations of the game. 

4D Holograms and Simulated Effects

But it’s the little things that are most enjoyable, like the wind hitting your face, or when you shoot at a streetlamp and it bursts into a million pieces. The game developers have spent a lot of time on the detail to make sure everything reacts to your actions. Yet the scariest part of the game is easily the 4D holograms of huge eagles, aliens and space robots. This hyper-reality experience is a marvel and virtual reality superfans give it their stamp of approval. 

Booking and Information

Mineforce: The Rebellion is open 9am until 8pm from Monday to Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sundays. Visitors should be at least 13 years old to experience the game, due to mildly scary scenes and weight of equipment. The Hyper Reality experience accommodates groups of two to four at a time. Book your first session here

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